Sascha Mallon

Iridescence, ceramic glazed, cashmere , 2018

I am interested in stories that life writes. In addition to my works on paper I  create narratives using ceramic as my medium, by mounting multiple individual pieces onto the wall and sometimes add wallpainting. I visually express what's in between words and the words describe what can't be seen.

Source of my inspiration are observations and daydreams, which I transform into visual fairy tales. My work is very metaphoric with a focus on love and the absence of it. My work expands on my interest in life, end of life and transitions. The narratives I create are filled with strong memories and feelings.

Michele Jaslow writes about my work: "Mallon's work of fierce dream worlds serve to ground us in realities of pain and pleasure. It's an experience that allows the viewer a chance to enter worlds that accompany lyrical stories. The work is full of iconography that has one foot in our world and the other foot in a world of fairy-tale creation. The delicate drawing technique belies the strength and determination of the characters......

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