Sascha Mallon

Iridescence, ceramic glazed, cashmere , 2018

I am working on a  large scale ceramic installation about the circle of life.  This is a project I started last August. I am collecting multiple ceramic pieces and mount them onto the wall. So far I made over 300 individual pieces depicting mostly female figures, fauna and flora. They are the protagonists in my stories. I mount the individual pieces site specific onto the wall and add wall painting to it.  The installation keeps changing and evolving, as it adapts to different places. Every new piece that I make is a new chapter in this story. .
I don't have to search much for inspiration. It is all around me. I am interested in relationships and communication.  I am interested in what makes people happy and how they achieve their goal during their live. My interest expands in the process and the moment of dying.  In my work as a hospital artist in residence at the Oncology I experience this fine line between life and death every day I work.
I am using drawing and ceramic as my mediums and I write poems. The writing complements the visual poems.  The sizes of the individual ceramics vary between 3 x 2 to 11 by 11 inches or larger.  They are glazed and fired stoneware and porcelain. On some of the pieces I make holes before firing and then crochet with cashmere yarn around the edges afterwards. I paint the walls in the background site specific.
I invite the viewer to explore, reflect, dream and wonder, to "read" my pictures like they read one of their favorite poems over and over again, always finding details they hadn't noticed before or seeing some part of the tale that's presented from a new perspective.

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